At HealthSource we use massage as part of our exclusive Progressive Rehab® approach. Progressive Rehab® is the combination of precise chiropractic adjustments with pain relieving and stabilizing rehab therapies. This allows us to address the muscles, joints, and alignment in the same visit offering quick relief of pain and nerve pressure.

You are going to certainly enjoy your massage, but it is not a ‘Spa’ massage that you might be used to at day spas and resorts.   We use different techniques for soft tissue bodywork (for example: myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and friction) in conjunction with chiropractic adjustment and other therapies.

The end result is that your massage at HealthSource will play a small component of your overall wellness treatment plan helping you get out of pain and stay out of pain!

Contact your HealthSource office today to schedule a wellness screening and discuss how massage may play a role in getting rid of your pain.

Meet Our Doctors

Molly Cooper
Dr. Molly Cooper
Molly Cooper
Molly Cooper Education

Doctorate of Chiropractic, Southern California; University of Health Sciences; National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Parts 1-4; Residency Los Angeles College of Chiropractic; Bachelor of Science in Biology, California State University San Bernardino

Post Graduation

Whiplash and Trauma; Bio-Mechanical Analysis of Low Speed Impacts; Advanced Personal Injury Management; Pain Management; Core Strenghthening and Stabilization; Nutritional Management of Common Conditions; Clinical Application of Low Level Lasers; Certified Sole Supports Orthotics Provider; Electrodiagnostics

Personal Information

Dr. Cooper has been married for over 18 years and has 3 beautiful children.  She is an active member of her church and loves to serve and support her community.  Dr. Cooper also organizes fundraisers for the Cancer Society and the Red Cross.  Having 3 kids of her own, she understands and specializes in treating pregnancy-related back pain.  Her true passion is treating kids with ADD/ADHD, autism and seizures.  With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Cooper has also become an expert in treating car accident victims and helping them with case management.

Some of her past/present speaker presentations include: It's Your Future, Be There Healthy; Peak Performance; Getting a Grip on Stress; Eliminating Back Pain; Industrial Safety/Health; Carpal Tunnel; Attacking Arthritis; Treatment of Fibromyalgia; Revealing the Truth About ADD/ADHD; How to Raise a Healthy Child; Adding Years to Your Life, and Life to Your Years

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Beverly P.

Dated: 04-07-2014
I have had a lot of accidents in my life. I was thrown off a Harley, thrown off a horse, run over by a truck, skied into a tree and so many other bumps and slams. I have bee to chiropractors before. When I came to HealthSource I was in a lot of pain. (...)

Carolyn C.

Dated: 04-07-2014
I came to see the chiropractor for headache relief. I have had headaches for about 7 years almost every day. I would usually pop 8-10 Excedrin a day. My primary care doctor offered no relief or solutions. I began treatment in July 2001. After only 1 (...)

Chris G.

Dated: 04-01-2014
While I was stretching out I felt a tingle in my shoulder and neck area. Soon after that the whole area became tight. I could hardly move it. I also had a strange painful tingling sensation down my left arm. The chiropractor took x-rays and was able t(...)

Darlene B.

Dated: 04-01-2014
It had been several years since my back, spine, neck were professionally adjusted. Six months to a year prior to coming HealthSource I was getting many terrible headaches, numbness, stiff neck and dizziness. I did not feel immediate relief upon treatmen(...)

Denise D.

Dated: 03-24-2014
In January I came in with severe headaches and excruciating neck pain. Thanks to the doctor the pain is gone and I feel great!

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